3 New Product Press Release Examples to Get Your Launch Seen

  • Create a visual press release (using a press release creator[9] like Prowly or using a CMS like WordPress)
  • Add your product photos, videos & other rich media (such as Facebook posts or Twitter conversations) directly to your press release
  • (Optional) post it online to your brand newsroom,[10] a place where you keep all your company press releases
  • Send your press release[11] to journalists by using a shareable link (plus, you’ll be able to track open and click rates and see who’s reading your emails)

New product press release examples

Below you’ll find 3 different types of new product press release examples to inspire you to create your own.

Each press release was created with Prowly’s Press Release Creator[12], which lets you easily create visual press releases (great for showing off your product!) with drag & drop elements and add photos, videos, call-to-action buttons and social media conversations to your press release.

New product line press release example

New cosmetics product press release example

New food product press release example

Conclusion – how to create a product launch press release

By now you should know the basics of creating an effective product press release and pitching it successfully. Lets sum up the essentials:

Every product press release should contain:

  • An attractive headline that features unique benefits & features of your product
  • The standard elements of a press release: Headline, dateline, lead, body, company info, media contact information
  • A specific audience that it’s targetted to (find a list of relevant journalists![13])
  • Information on why your product is worth talking about and why anyone should be excited about it
  • Attractive photos and/or videos of your product added directly to the press release (avoid attachments!)
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