Are Press Releases Still Relevant for SEO in 2019?

Press Release Spam

Instead of focusing on what’s important and improving their business in ways that will produce interesting news stories, people distribute as many ‘Press Releases’ as possible to as many press release platforms as possible.

Some platforms are free and make money out of advertising so they have no problem with people coming there and posting their ‘news’.

But even the paid ones are full of irrelevant ‘news’ articles. With webmasters asking for hundreds of dollars for a backlink or guest post, Press Releases are the cheap way of getting some initial backlinks.

These posts are way too long for a press release (because Google loves longer content, right?) and full of keyword rich anchor text links, which naturally attract penalties.

This way, the quality of the press release websites starts to decline. Very few companies and websites (one of them being HARO[9]) still manage to keep the site relevant. Why? Well, because it doesn’t index its press releases. They are available only for logged in users.

This way, instead of posting a press release just for the sake of getting a backlink, you will focus on posting a press release that will actually attract the attention of a reporter.

Use Nofollow Links

You might be wondering yourself: “Won’t nofollow links be useless?”

Well… first of all, no. I’ve already written about how nofollow backlinks can help your website rank better[10].

Second, the nofollow links will only be used on the press release websites, considering these sites index their content on Google. Any other links that you will obtain as a result of a successful press release will be a mix of both nofollow and dofollow links, depending on the internal policies of the websites that link to you.

are nofollow links going to dominate the web?

are nofollow links going to dominate the web?

But why use nofollow links? The reason is that nofollow links reduce most risks of penalty. Google says that you shouldn’t be building or buying backlinks. Since the links on press releases are either built manually or paid for, then Google’s Guidelines require them to be nofollow.

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