Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services

  • Reach thousands of outlets: A distribution service allows you to choose the type of outlets and audience you want to target, then send your release for viewing to thousands of journalists based on your targeting specifications. While you could do this manually via email, the process may take months as opposed to only a few minutes.
  • Target your press release across regions: You can set your press release distribution targeting preferences to reach journalists across entire regions of the country, including print, daily media, television, radio, and digital journalists and influencers.
  • Target across industries: Many press release distribution services allow you to choose more than one industry to target (often depending on the plan you use) so you can instantly reach all industries that may benefit from your story on a mass scale.
  • Reach influencers: Distribution services often have contact databases and subscribing accounts where influencers (like bloggers or YouTubers) can request they be notified when a relevant press release is distributed.
  • Target key audience demographics or interests: Some press release distribution services allow you to choose the types of audiences you would like to view your press release, including their ages, income brackets, job roles, industries, locations, and interests.
  • Track performance: While you can set up press release tracking when you send a press release via email (using a service like Constant Contact[20], for example), press release distribution services often track performance metrics automatically. Some metrics distribution services track include audience demographics, placements, read rates, click-through rates, social media mentions and shares, influencer mentions, and your return on investment (ROI).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is a press release distributed?

A press release can be distributed in one or more of a few different ways. You can use a distribution service to distribute your release to thousands of digital, print, television, and radio outlets. Or, you can distribute your press release “manually” by hand-picking journalists and emailing it to them. Finally, you can use emerging press release distribution options by creating and distributing a social media press release or creating a targeted ad of your press release on social media platforms.

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