Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services

How much does press release distribution cost?

Press release distribution can range from free to more than $1,000 dollars, depending on the distribution process you use and what added features you take advantage of (like embedded multimedia). If you distribute your release by emailing it directly to journalists whose audiences will value the story, you can do so for free. If you want instant reach across thousands of premium outlets (like national television, radio, print, and digital outlets), you could pay between $100 and $1,000 for a typical press release distribution service. We recommend doing both.

Where can I get a free press release template?

You can get a free press release template here on the Fit Small Business website. Read our ultimate press release format guide to download your free press release template[21] in either a PDF or DOCX format. After downloading it, read through the guide for a detailed look at the description and proper use of each template element. For more information on how to use the template to write your press release, read our ultimate guide on how to write a press release[22].

Bottom Line

Free press release distribution services are often used by small businesses with little budget but which need to get their news story out. Sadly, many small businesses earn little benefit from a free service. A better way to distribute their release is to email it to journalists with a personalized pitch or by creating a highly targeted ad on a social media platform like Facebook. In addition, many paid social media distribution services offer small business-affordable plans for premium mass distribution.

If you are looking for a high-quality distribution service for an affordable price, consider Send2Press[23]. Their state distribution plan serves most small businesses well and starts at $99 per release. This plan offers Direct-to-Editors email delivery to state daily media outlets, targeting options, a social media campaign, analytics, video embedding and multimedia attachments, and syndication to up to 300 premium and targeted websites. Other plans offer wider distribution. Click here to get started with Send2Press.

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