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The case for digital press releases

SHIFT Communications presented their findings as proof that digital press releases don’t work. We would argue that what their research really shows is that digital press releases of average quality don’t work.

This distinction is important because the quality of the average digital press release is relatively low. Every day, hundreds of ineffective press releases are sent out to digital editors, bringing the median performance of digital press releases down to the low figures discovered by SHIFT.

We would argue that the fact digital press releases are still widely distributed is sufficient proof they still add value to their more effective exponents.

Here’s an example of a successful digital press release from General Electric:

Example of a successful Press release from GE

You can view a PDF of the full press release here.[5]

Read the full press release case study here[6].

This multimedia-rich press release generated a traditional reach of 17.5 million, with 3,500 mentions on social media.

And giants like General Electric aren’t the only ones finding success through digital press releases. Here’s an example of a press release that racked up over 10,000 media mentions for a social marketing startup called WordStream in 2012:

Example of a successful press release from Wordstream

Read the full press release here.[7]

Read the full press release case study here.[8]

These examples show how digital press release can reap dividends for organisations great and small.

General Electric got results by presenting their complex quarterly financials in an attractive, accessible format.

With far less brand recognition to rely upon, WordStream had to play it a little smarter, by newsjacking[9] Facebook’s IPO. They released accessible, incisive information on a breaking story, just at the point when journalists would have been seeking new angles to enrich their coverage. Other SMEs would do well to follow their example.

Whatever the nature of your organisation, digital press releases have the potential to get eyes on your brand. We’re now going to move on to discuss some the core techniques and best practices that will help you achieve better results if you decide to go ahead with a digital press release campaign of your own.

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