Do Press Releases Work in Digital? | Target Internet

The editors you contact will be aware mobile media consumption is growing fast, and as such, they will be looking for mobile-friendly content.

Therefore, when creating an online press release, it’s good practice to ask yourself: would an editor be able to use this content in an online article optimised for mobile users?

Here are some points to bear in mind when writing for a mobile audience:

  • Use short paragraphs. For mobile users, paragraphs of a traditional length might appear off-puttingly long. Keep to two or three sentences per paragraph.
  • Use short headlines. A short headline plus a sub-header of 2-3 sentences usually just about fits on a mobile display, before the reader has to scroll down. Using longer headlines risks pushing the sub-header out of view, which may increase bounce rate (the percentage of web visitors who very quickly navigate away from a page).
  • Images optimised for mobile. Make sure your images convey the necessary details/information without mobile users having to zoom in. Choose simple, powerful images, and break down any infographics you wish to include into sections.

Other useful digital press release tips

Never manually send the same email to multiple recipients

Send your emails via an email marketing tool like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp; or failing that, individually. Don’t rely on BCCing or adding multiple recipients in the “To” field. Journalists generally wouldn’t appreciate having their email address shared with all your other media contacts.

Write customer releases, not press releases

That is to say, the content of your press releases needs to be accessible and appealing to customers, as well as journalists. Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott writes about this in his book, New Rules of PR[15].

Using press releases for link building

We recommend keeping your expectations relatively low if you intend to use press releases for link-building, for the simple reason that Google representatives say they don’t consider links from republished press releases in their PageRank calculations.

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