How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

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David Tile, Founder/CEO @

Posted On: August 04, 2019
For a business to experience the maximum benefits from its marketing efforts, successful ones put out a barrage of quality content. Social media posts, blog posts, video/audio content, and of course the almighty press release, provide opportunities for potential customers to engage with a brand through various media channels.

This content can give readers a sense of the business’ authenticity and expertise. Those accomplishing this are seen as leaders in their field, through clear and relevant communications on products and developments. 

Press releases remain critical pieces of this communications process that almost all big businesses rely on, efficiently bringing the latest company news and product information to the public. All marketers and business owners alike should know how to write a press release. 

This can however be a double-edged sword. 

Ill-prepared media content[1] can be disastrous for a brand, especially with the large potential impact of social media nowadays that brings news instantly to consumers.

It is therefore critical that you understand just how to write a press release. The veteran content writing team @ Article Writing Co. is here to help! We’ve prepped this in depth guide to writing and promoting your press release. Understanding the formatting and just how to present your news angle so that you can get maximum exposure.

Just a quick note, this is a writing service that we provide. If you’d rather just skip the lengthy guide that follows and pay a pro team to get this done for you… we charge a reasonable $149 click here ?[2]

Reasons to Write a Press Release in 2020

Despite talks of being outdated, industry experts still highlight the importance of adding a quality press release to your content marketing strategy because of three cold, hard facts: [3]

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