How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

Less Is More

When you’ve gone through all this effort to put together a press release, it’s tempting to think that the best way to find success is to send it to every name in your contact list, journalist and non-journalist alike. This could be a potential recipe for disaster, though. If you cast a wide net, there’s a greater likelihood of your press release going into the inbox of people who aren’t going to have any use for it. As a result, they feel you’re spamming, block your email, and you’ve now lost that prospect forever.

A better approach to take, especially for small businesses, is finding a few local journalists who may have worked with your kind of story before. These people may be more likely to promote your press release, and maybe even interview you for more details.

Make A Good Impression

The bulk of press releases these days are distributed to journalists by email. Generally, a marketer will quickly introduce themselves and the release and offer the opportunity for further discussion if interested. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do this. For example, much like the release itself, a bland headline is a sure-fire interest killer. For your introduction, make sure that you add a personalized element to catch your prospect’s attention. Finally, when you copy in the body of the release, do one last check for any grammatical or spelling errors. [21]

Know The Difference Between Additional Details And Stat-Dumping

Raw numbers aren’t necessarily going to help your press release as much as you think they do. The key to using statistics is to inform or back up an existing point that you’re making. Economy of text is your best friend, so when you add a statistic, be sure to think about it. Is this going to somehow inform a journalist’s experience? Does it clear up a question they would otherwise need to ask you?

Distribution Services: Worth The Money?

There are some pieces saying that online press release distribution is dead, but this is a half truth. Can partnering with an outside service to distribute your press releases still be effective? Yes. However, a company that does it well is going to cost you. The reason for this is that a good distribution service will have a regularly updated list of media members and journalists that fit your niche, rather than sending your releases to a set list of emails they have on file. Cheaper services may have lists with irrelevant or expired contacts. For small business owners, it may be more cost effective to try and do the legwork on your own. When you are ready to make the jump, you’re best served working with the biggest names around, like PR Newswire and others. [22][23]

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