How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

  • 3 billion searches a day are made on Google and press releases can rank highly within these search queries
  • Press releases are viewed as trustworthy sources by 44% of journalists
  • Press releases can drive incremental foot traffic and generate sales

If you have something big to say, press releases are one of the primary methods for getting the statement out to the masses, with the potential to provide massive returns to your businesses’ bottom line.

What makes press releases particularly well-suited for reaching audiences especially in today’s digital age? Here are a few key reasons.[4]

Customer Convenience: Extended blog posts and whitepapers can be an essential part of a content marketing strategy, but not every member of your target audience is going to have the time to read these. Press releases are much more digestible, provided they are written properly.

Online Sales Touchpoint: We live in a time where social media impressions and interactions are worth their weight in gold and press releases are well-suited for this medium. Putting together an enticing headline on platforms your audience is likely to visit can allow your news to spread like wildfire.

Quality SEO Content: Press releases have the unique SEO benefit of generating organic search traffic using popular keywords. A blog post about “X company history” or “X company news” for first-time stock investing would come across as a bit inauthentic. In a press release, adding these keywords to describe recent events makes a lot more sense to include. These can improve your search ranking across a larger selection of keywords. 

One newsroom increased search traffic by 30% primarily with this keyword tactic[5].

Brand Storytelling: Blogs have certain characteristics that audiences have come to expect. Even with interests evolving from the traditional 500-word blog post into deeper pillar pages, there are a lot of things that you may want to share that this style doesn’t apply to. 

It’s difficult to create a lengthy post regarding a new hire without irrelevant content but a press release can communicate these background details, while meeting the expectations of your audience.

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