How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

Plus, our in-house team at Article Writing Co. has developed a list of other detailed opportunities for your press release.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a brief, written communication about a specific event, circumstance, or other update. 

Any organization can put one together if they have something to share. For example, governments often put out press releases and even individual celebrities create press releases for events associated with them. 

The ultimate goal of a press release is to ensure the development or event you’re reporting on gets increased attention, which can increase a brand’s presence in a beneficial manner.

Spread Organic Reach with the Press Release

Many press releases are not only constructed with your average audience in mind, but also to catch the attention of a member of the media or an editor at a publication. 

In some cases, outlets will see the news on your press release, be interested, and just share it. In other cases, they may be prompted to reach out to you for more details or to serve as a source for a related story.

The press release can be more than just a simple piece of content. Journalists and members of the media are constantly looking to build relationships to enhance their stories and serve as future sources. As a digital marketer, this is a dream come true. Media members are uniquely poised to help boost awareness of your brand and a press release can be all you need to get this started.

However, consistent and quality content is important. 

There is no guarantee that your press release is going to lead to significant increased attention at first, even if you do everything right. Adding a “press” section on your website will make your overall digital presence look more professional and eventually, you can catch that future contact’s attention.

The Press Release Format in 8 Easy Steps

Now that we’ve talked about what a press release is and what its purpose is, it’s time to get into the format of the standard press release. 

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