How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

Step 4: Release Date.

You have a bit of freedom on where you can put the release date, but it should always be near the top. The reason for this is that the information lets the media immediately determine how relevant the press release is. 

The more recent, the better in just about every case.

Step 5: Dateline.

The dateline of a press release generally reads as follows: city, state/province, month, day, and immediately precedes the first sentence of the press release body. This lets readers know quickly whether the news is relevant to them or not.

With the opening parts of the press release taken care of, we can begin to discuss the body portion of the format. A lot of people make the mistake of approaching this like a blog post on a given subject, but that will almost guarantee that your audience will lose interest before the end.

Step 6: Body.

The bulk of your text. It is important you understand what defines a strong press release’s body. In terms of word count, you still want to keep things relatively brief, in the 300-600 word region. [10]

Customers value convenience and this is still a key consideration in the body of the press release. 

Don’t let your paragraphs run too long, with 2-4 sentences as a guideline. Remember to only go over relevant points to the event, not background details about your company.

Your opening paragraph should focus on the who, what, why, when and how of the story. For example, if you were a restaurant opening a second location, the reader should know, within the first few sentences:

  • What type of restaurant you are
  • Where the new location is
  • Why you chose the new location
  • When they can expect it to open
  • How the expansion is expected to improve your business

See how we apply these strategies with our free Press Release sample.

However, these details can get a bit dry after a while. Remember that journalists are often reading a huge swath of press releases everyday. This is why many successful content writers use additional details like quotes and statistics in order to try and enhance their content.

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