How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

With digital content, embed relevant images and videos to provide readers with extra value. Extra value generates more interest from your potential media partners or clients. 

Step 7: Boilerplate.

Every piece of digital marketing content generally has some way to turn the value you’re providing back to your business in some way. The boilerplate section of a press release is a chance for you to put this into action. 

This paragraph is where you can go into detail about what your company is and what it does. For a journalist, this helps provide valuable context regarding your company to see if it makes sense for them to follow up. You want to go more informative than “salesy” with the content here.

Step 8: Final Notation

Conventionally, the body portion of a press release ends with a ### symbol at the center of the page. However, if you didn’t place the contact details of your marketing team or company head at the beginning of the document, you can also supply this information here. 

Include as many forms as possible. Different journalists may have different preferences.


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Knowing how to write a press release consists of awareness on both the format and writing style that conveys this content effectively. 

The journalists you’re looking to work with can get dozens, maybe even hundreds of press releases in their inboxes daily. They’re basically looking for reasons to put press releases in their trash to lighten their load. The slightest deviation from standard format, or a weak headline, can be a good enough cause. 

To help you start, here’s a list of press release templates you can work with.[11][12][13][14]

While the bulk of press releases out there follow a general format, there are cases where you need to add unique information or features based on your niche or the type of announcement. Bring in our team of experts to help you Customize your Press Release for your audience the right way!

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