How to Write a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

Simple Steps to Improve Your Press Release

“First, be sure you have a good reason for sending a press release.” – Entrepreneur magazine staff

These words, from the staff of Entrepreneur magazine, embody the first step that goes into writing a successful release. You know the purpose of a press release, so focus on what can sink it. One major issue can be that your topic simply isn’t worth the attention you’re trying to garner. 

Figuring out what exactly serves as a “release-worthy” piece of information requires knowledge of your audience.

Other factors may be at play for reasons why your press release is not performing, such as these common mistakes created by our team at Article Writing Co.

In addition, the following suggestions may boost the ROI of your press release.

Don’t Bore Readers with Content Regurgitation

Great press release content says what it needs to say in an expedient and concise manner. 

Don’t be afraid to jump straight to the point. Remember the limited attention span of the typical reader.

Provide readers with an enjoyable and structured experience but that don’t inflate the word count of this piece unnecessarily. For blogs and whitepapers, going into added detail can be a bonus, but for a press release, it’s a negative. 

Your average reader expects a press release to quickly cover an important development, and perhaps have a link to a place they can get more info. Short and straightforward is a good thing for a press release.

Use Quotes to Provide Added Value

“Quotes should be used to provide insight and opinion and sound like a real person said them. They definitely shouldn’t be full of jargon or technical language.” – Janet Murray, The Guardian

As the above excerpt from The Guardian’s Janet Murray highlights, one of the most powerful components of press releases is insider insight and quotes[15]

Tap into an employee or respected voice in your industry to talk about the press release’s main focus. This adds both engagement and authority to your content. 

Quotes – when used properly and devoid of unnecessary jargon or technical language – can supercharge an otherwise mediocre press release.

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