Should Press Releases Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • segment journalists into lists based on factors like area of reporting.
  • decide what time is best to send a release.
  • see who opens your email and track your results.

Isn’t technology great? You can track in real time who is showing interest in your release. It’s like having a search engine built into your marketing activities (except you don’t have to do the searching, it’s already done for you).

Squeeze Out Some SEO

Speaking of search engines, in these days of digital advertising, you have to think about optimizing your press release, too.

If you’re putting out a press release, you should include some backlinks. Backlinks in press releases don’t directly impact SEO, per se, but that doesn’t mean you should eliminate the idea from your digital marketing strategy. [5]

Why? Because if you have a great topic that is picked up by an established publication, you can reach lots of people. Use this as an opportunity to link to a case study or a video on your company’s site that helps get your point across.

If you earn media coverage, that story will most likely live on the website of the media outlet. This is important because the published article should contain links to your company’s website. And since these links are coming from trustworthy sources (like a news organization), they are considered to be high quality. Earning high-quality links through press release SEO can help improve your website’s rankings.

Even if only one outlet picks up your story, it’s worth it.

You Control the Message

One of the biggest advantages of putting out a press release is that you control the message. You’ll decide things like:

  • who will provide quotes.
  • what product information is most vital.
  • how long or short it will be.

Your quotes should explain the impact your company or product is going to have on your audience. Or use them to provide a call to action. And make sure you’re providing valuable background information.  Since you’re controlling the message, make the information work for you.[6][7]

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