Should Press Releases Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Reach a Large or Targeted Audience

Since your press release will be part of your email marketing plan, you can either cast a wide net or target who you’re going to send it to.

It may depend on your goal. Are you trying to drum up new business? Attempting to make people (or businesses) aware of your new product or service? Or looking for some coverage from a media outlet?

You may find it hard to believe, but researchers at Wylie communications found journalists still rely on releases. They cited a 2014 Business Wire Media Survey that found 70% of respondents noting their jobs would be harder without press releases. And 88% in a Greentarget study said they found releases at least somewhat valuable.

These journalists use releases for reference to check things like spelling of names, job titles and other facts.Sometimes they’ll even turn to releases for quotes. Newsrooms are getting smaller, and reporters are being asked to do more with less. Press releases can be a time-saving tool for these understaffed organizations.

Whether it’s a reporter or the CEO of another company, what’s great is you can tailor the release to each of the audiences you’re trying to reach. It’s up to you. The key to writing the perfect pitch is to include key elements.  Things like:[8]

  • An understanding of your audience
  • The hook
  • A great story

Paying attention to the details will pay off.

Use Social Networks

Social media is a part of every digital marketing strategy. Take advantage of all your social networks when you’re sending out press releases. Some of the people you’re trying to reach may be more accessible via Facebook Messenger or direct message on Twitter.

Digital media outlets are growing. More and more newsrooms are beginning to prefer digital channels over traditional forms of communication. Include your press release in your social media marketing and, if you can, your mobile marketing strategies.

You have to consider all digital platforms when you’re developing marketing campaigns; press releases included.  

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