Should Press Releases Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Pitches Can Build Trust

This leads us to the final reason a press release should be part of a digital marketing strategy—trust.  When a pitch is successful and results in coverage by a trusted third-party source, your message will stand out to buyers. In other words, brands that actively engage in media outreach will likely see a greater consumer impact at all stages of the purchase process than brands that only rely on content marketing.

Why? Because consumers trust stories written by an objective third-party source, and this brings greater value to your business than traditional advertising or promotional avenues.

In fact, a recent study by Nielsen shows that earned media — credible, third-party articles — is the most important source for influencing consumer decisions.


The report also found that:

  • 85 percent of consumers regularly or occasionally seek out trusted expert content – credible, third-party articles and reviews – when considering a purchase.
  • 69 percent of consumers like to read product reviews written by trusted experts before making a purchase.
  • 67 percent of consumers agree that an endorsement from an unbiased expert makes them more likely to consider purchasing.

This is just another way a press release can have a positive impact on digital marketing activity.

According to the authors of “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques”, 55 to 97 percent of press releases never get picked up. But sending the right message to the right audience can make a big impact for your business.[9]

Press releases can be an important part of an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy. Our  new guide “How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy” can help you put one together. Inside you’ll learn about other ways new technology is affecting traditional methods and how to set yourself up for success.[10]

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