The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations in 2020

You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” While I can’t agree or disagree, I’d say that it’s at least good practice to be aware of negative press. Tracking sentiment can help you understand what your audience is saying about your brand and whether or not you need to address any problems or concerns. Check out the PR tools section for some helpful tools.

6. Site Traffic

Site traffic is a sign of successful PR efforts. If people are hearing about your brand through earned media and heading to your site, your PR efforts are reaching your audience.

As you run PR campaigns, track your site traffic once press releases and other efforts go live. Use your site analytics to check your visitors’ referral sources (how they made their way to your website) and aim to replicate this in the future.

7. Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement encompasses a few types of activity: views, impressions, likes, shares, and comments.

This information shows the level of brand awareness and engagement among your audience members. It also tells you when your audience is most active, i.e. when should be posting and interacting with your followers.

8. Social Shares

Social shares are different than social media engagement. Social shares refer to when your audience shares something from your website or blog on their social media.

This is a critical metric because it tells you that your audience enjoys your content enough to vouch for it on their social channels. It’s a very clear measure of your brand reputation among your audience.

When looking at social shares, pay attention to which type of content is frequently being shared. This will give you an idea of what your audience enjoys the most and what kind of content to create more of.

Now, let’s review a handful of PR SaaS tools that can help you implement your PR strategies and track the PR KPIs I’ve mentioned above.

Public Relations Tools

We’ve rounded up a handful of helpful PR tools[17] to help you execute your PR campaigns and measure your impact and performance.

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