This is How a Press Release can Boost Your Online Marketing Results

One of the most effective tools many businesses missed to utilize when running an online marketing campaign is a press release. Despite the wealth of information online, there are still many who haven’t yet realized how important a press release[1] is in building their brand, establishing their reputation, and in growing their business.

What is a Press Release?

It is simply a published piece of writing created for journalists or the press in the hope that they pick it up and write a story from it.

For example, if your company will release a new product next month, a press release is a handy tool that can help you get more press mileage about the new product you will be launching.

But, these days, writing press releases is not done exclusively for the press anymore but is also used as a tool to complement a business’ marketing strategy.

A press release is now a complementary tool that can help you boost the results of your online marketing campaign. But, how is it done?

How a Press Release Can Boost Your Online Marketing Results?

Every time you publish and distribute a press release, it adds up to the content about your brand online. It’s not solely for the journalists or press anymore, but also for your customers, stakeholders, the public, and even the search engines.

The results of your online marketing campaigns can be improved, depending on how you use your press release. Here are the ways a press release can help boost the results of your digital marketing.

Builds Your Brand through Storytelling

A series of press releases can help you tell the ongoing story of your brand. This doesn’t only establish your reputation in your industry but also helps build trust between you and your target audience. Your target audience is the most important factor in your online marketing campaign.

Amplifies Your Brand’s Story

A press release is not only published on the PR section of a newspaper but is also distributed to multiple high authority sites and social media pages. This provides your brand more online visibility which can help your online marketing in the long run.

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