This is How a Press Release can Boost Your Online Marketing Results

Increases Your Online Citations

Any mention of your brand on the internet, adds up to your online citations. The more citations you have, the better chances your target audience can find you when they search for your brand online. Also, Google treats online citations as one of the factors that affect your search rankings in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Your press releases are surely one of the most credible sources that can help increase your citations online.

Improves Your SEO

When your press releases are published on high authority news sites, this doesn’t only increase your brand’s visibility but also improves your search ranking as these web pages vouch for your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness online.

Keeps the Public Updated

Aside from your blog, your press release is another tool that helps those people who have a stake on your brand get updated with the latest happenings in your company. A regular update on how your company is doing both internally and externally is a good sign that your business is doing well, which assures your stakeholders, customers, and even your target audience that your brand is stable and it is safe to do business with you.

What is Press Release Distribution?

Since a press release these days is not just stuck on your website’s PR page, or the PR section of a newspaper, the need to distribute it to high authority news websites is very important. Press release distribution increases the chances of your story to be picked up by journalists, bloggers, and all those who might need the most recent updates about your company.  The larger your distribution network, the higher the reach you’ll get, which means more visibility for your brand.

How KISS PR Story Help Increase Your Press Release Visibility?

KISS PR Story guarantees same day press release distribution to large newswires and social networks, which creates large media pickup for a single published press release. This helps a lot especially to small businesses with minimal online visibility or those with a limited audience.  But, also a very beneficial complementary booster for those who want to take their digital marketing campaign to a topnotch level.

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