Top 10 Press Release Content Publishing Websites For Online Marketing

Organizations that want to be found online create quality, unique, and relative content in the forms of text, images, and video. For online marketing, the content is then published online and distributed across various channels.

Over the last view years images and videos have drastically increased, in importance as tools for companies to enhance online marketing campaigns. One of the key methods still remains press release writing, publishing of it, and the distribution across press release distribution websites.

Company news in form of press releases is a vital part of PR, marketing, and sales. Companies write on average (pending on size of organization) one to two press releases and publish them. A well-written press release can attract new customers, vendors, and partners. It yields when done right much exposure for a company.

  1.[1] – This is a free PR distribution website, the paid services can give you better placement and permanent archiving for additional fees. The free service is great and the website is easy to use.
  2.[2] – This is a free press release distribution website. Easy to sign-up and use. Very user-friendly dashboard to publish and manage press releases. One of the easier websites to publish press releases on.
  3.[3] – This website has free distribution and publishing of press releases to sites and search engines, premium membership allows of adding in graphics to enhance visibility and conversion. Free distribution tools are easy to use and great.
  4.[4] – This website has free press release distribution tools; premium service includes logo uploading, product pictures and other media. Added cost for the premium services. Free tools are great and easy to use.
  5.[5] – This website distributes press releases, users can also set up full company profiles on this website. Easy to use and manage press releases as well as publish them.
  6.[6] – Easy to use press release distribution website for free. Added features for paid accounts. Website is user friendly and users can with easy upload, publish, and distribute press releases.
  7.[7] – Free and easy to use website for publishing press releases and getting them distributed. Added features can be purchased for greater benefits.
  8.[8] – This is a free publishing and distribution website for press releases. Simple and easy to use. You have to register and then publish PRs for distribution.
  9.[9]– A free PR publishing website. Very easy to get started with this website, upload, and publish press releases. A user-friendly website.
  10.[10] – A press release distribution and publishing website with a maximum of 3 press releases per day. Easy to sign-up and use for PR.

This top 10 list of distribution and publishing websites are a great start to get an organization and business more visibility. These websites enable the user to quickly publish and distribute content in the form of press releases.

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